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White Board Animation

An animated Whiteboard video can help you withholding the attention of your audience and tell your story creatively. We help you simplify your concept.


2D Explainer Videos

2D Explainer video gives a funky touch to what you want to convey to your audience. They are very interesting because they are colorful and moving.



Short Video Ads

Short-form videos give you more freedom to produce hard-hitting, relatable videos that get to the point.



Why Animated Videos?

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Happy Clients
Positive Feedback

Happy Clients

GK From Singapore

Nina from Ukraine

Mark From Ireland Owner of Shamrock Day Tours

“We have been looking for video production sites to create short animated videos for our company. Our investment truly paid off! high graphics and good quality content are truly unbelievable! Done an amazing work the kind of projects that we have, you guys have made it possible for us to explain or projects like interesting white board animation stories quickly and easily that remain in the mind of viewers.”


Surbhi Patni Director, Creative Click

” Working with Uma had been pretty wonderful. He has fulfilled my requirements all the time. I had a couple of powtoon’s from him and I never had to call him to get the content changed. All was made fine in the first go itself. “

Amal Kumaran CEO, Jocular/Venturetail

“It was my pleasure to contract AddyMade for two recent videos. UK and his talented team are very creative and worked closely with us. Always understanding our needs and working hard to achieve our goals.”

Steve Glaser President, Funky Unckie

Why animated adverts over traditional adverts?

As we all know, animation is a new trend. Be it movies, music videos, or adverts. Animated videos are way more captivating than those classical ones. Following are the reasons why animated adverts are better than traditional adverts: 1. Creativity The animation is all about creativeness..and creativeness has no boundaries. Animated adverts can push boundaries […]

Blog for making appealing video

How to make an appealing video?

1. Identify the problem – identify the problem you want to solve in the video. a video without a theme is a cake without a base. 2. Brainstorming of ideas – a creative content is created with a creative mind .imagine all your possibilities and make it count. 3. Don’t lose your grip – whatever […]

How to make a video that attracts viewers?

in the social media era, we can find solutions for most of our problems online. But there are plenty of suggestions to choose from! Then how to make a video that would engage your viewers and attract them to your page? let’s learn how. • Use descriptive titles – everybody has a reason, to read […]

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