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White Board Animation

An Animated Whiteboard video can help you withholding the attention of your audience and tell your story creatively.

2D Explainer Video

2D Explainer video gives a funky touch to what you want to convey to your audience. They are very interesting because they are colorful and moving

Short Video Advertisement

Short-form videos  are the best choice wheen you really got just 10-15 seconds to tell your story, so this is best if you are on a tight time duration.


We are grateful to have so many satisfied clients spanning the globe.

It is our hope, that you too will soon be joining our “AddyMade Family” of satisfied clients

How does it works ?

this image is a illustration of process of getting an animated video done.

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Questions You Might Have

The usual turnaround time is 2-3 days for a 1-minute video. every additional minute will add 2 days extra in the delivery time.

It’s a simple 5 step process,

  1. Scriptwriting.
  2. Animation & Voice Over.
  3. Preview of the Video.
  4. Modifications As Per Your Suggestions.
  5. YaYY ! All done. We deliver the High Quality Full HD Video.

We only need a written script to get started, and yes 5 minutes of your time to understand your requirement and to clear the doubts that our designers may have.


Addymade is dedicated to giving you the best experience every single time.

GK From Singapore

People at Addymade are fun and easy to work with, I am in love with the video they created for me.

Nina from Ukraine

Addymade helped me in business promotion with a great video done for my day tour services in Ireland.

Mark From Ireland Owner of Shamrock Day Tours

“We have been looking for video production sites to create short animated videos for our company. Our investment truly paid off! high graphics and good quality content are truly unbelievable! Done an amazing work the kind of projects that we have, you guys have made it possible for us to explain or projects like interesting white board animation stories quickly and easily that remain in the mind of viewers.”


Surbhi Patni Director, Creative Click

” Working with Uma had been pretty wonderful. He has fulfilled my requirements all the time. I had a couple of powtoon’s from him and I never had to call him to get the content changed. All was made fine in the first go itself. “

Amal Kumaran CEO, Jocular/Venturetail

“It was my pleasure to contract AddyMade for two recent videos. UK and his talented team are very creative and worked closely with us. Always understanding our needs and working hard to achieve our goals.”

Steve Glaser President, Funky Unckie

About Us

Addymade is an animated video production company. We here at Addymade serve different organizations through animated videos for business.
Our list of videos is comprised of animated explainer videos, it explains your content in a better and fascinating manner to the audience. Besides we also deal with whiteboard animation, short video ads, Graphic designing, Logo Designing, 2D explainer videos, and many more. Every single variety has its prominence in one way or the other. The animated videos are in clamor nowadays and can give your business a significant chunk of profit with little expenditure and Addymade is one of the best platforms to serve your purpose in the best way possible. One of the prerequisites of a successful business is having a good customer reach and that can be best obtained through animated videos. Not only will lead it to give upsurge in your customer reach but enables your steps to be crystal clear before the customers.
We are a corporate explainer videos maker for so long and have a good amount of happy clients across the globe. We are blessed enough to have the privilege to work in widespread domains of business and therefore developed a lot of tactics for numerous arenas.
If you are having a setback in communicating the sum and substance of your business or any specific product or scheme then the animated videos should be of your prime use as they have the ability to resolve all your issues very promptly and efficiently.
In this high time where everyone is busy as a bee in their endeavors, your medium of approach should be very concise, precise, and fascinating at the same time, which we at Addymade are focused to do so. Also, people are not interested to read a lot because that can become a tedious task sometimes but an inimitable approach of animated videos can make your customers behold to a point you want them to.
Therefore, overall by inserting animation in your business, you will give a special touch and beauty to your work because animation speaks in a unique and adoring manner about yourself to your customers.

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