5 Effective ways to promote your services

5 Effective ways to promote your services


To gear up any service is indeed a difficult task and most people miss it at start and suffer from severe consequences. To thrive in your business you must follow at least these five ways.


1.Introductory Offers

While launching your service or products you can give some introductory offers to avail more number of customers to taste your service and products. It may initially cost you a little more but will give long lasting benefits by making your customer base.


2.Social Media Posts

Social media is the biggest communicator nowadays and you don’t have an option to ignore it in anyway. Social media will help you to increase your reach at a good pace and at a good frequency. Among the numerous kinds of social media promotions available out there, animated videos are the most effective ones as they give more insights of your business in a simpler way.


3.Email Marketing

Email is the day to day deal of a significant chunk of people and therefore it is also one of those good places to send your promotions to your customers. Here also you can make use of video promotions as the long written story of your products can be a tedious task for most of the people to read about.


  1. Contests and Giveaway

This is in a huge trend nowadays for the soul purpose of promotion. You can also opt for the method of contests and giveaways depending upon the scale of your business.


5. Customer Reviews

This can seem to be weird but yes!! You can make promotions through the reviews of your existing customers. Besides, the promotion would be more effective as the person other than your company is saying about your product.


So, keep these 5 points in mind to make your promotions effective and to be successful in your business endeavours.