How to promote a new business ?

How to promote a new business?

How to promote a new business?

We know that starting a new business is like swimming in the opposite direction of the river flow.

You need to manage your employees, operations, your clients, government laws, balance sheets, and marketing of course for getting new clients.

So we thought to write this blog post so you can get some real help with getting new clients if you are just starting out a new business.

Well honestly saying there is a lot to discuss on this topic but if we see it on its root then basically there are 2 ways you can promote your business, one is Organic and another is Paid.

Now in organic, there are 2 ways to go, one is inbound growth and another is outbound growth.

So what is inbound growth? Inbound growth is when people reach out to you on their own.

It can be by your website or by your social media pages, or by the referrals from your past clients, friends, and family.

On the other hand, outbound growth is when you make some active efforts to reach out to people to hopefully convert them into your customers, by different social media platforms, or by doing email marketing or cold calling.

Now let’s talk about Paid options.

Honestly saying paid options is something which we don’t think is a good idea for someone who is just starting out. Because paid options need investment at first and that too with no guarantee of getting business.

But yes it becomes important when you have a stable business and you are just ready to scale up. Because at that time you know your targeted audience well and you have some capital to take a risk.

So let’s talk about some of the platforms where you can get paid reach to promote your business. But I will repeat again that if you are just starting out then go for the organic option first.

So here are a few paid options-

  1. Instagram ads: it’s an easy to go path, here you can set up your ad really fast, but you must know the fact that it is offering less targeting options.
  2. Facebook Ads: Now if you are more specific about your targeted audience then you should give a try to Facebook ads.

Because here on Facebook you have more specific options to target people, like you have Age, gender, interest, household income, electronic devices, relationship status, traveling patterns, locations, designation,  income, and a lot of options, on basis of that you can choose your targeting and can be very specific about where you are spending your money.  Now you must have a mindset to go for at least a 7-day ad and you must be knowing how to design an appealing  Facebook ad


  1. Linked in ads: Now linked ads are also giving us options for specific targeting, but you should use linked in ads if you are ready to pay some higher charges for ads and also when you need to target serious professional people.

There are another few ways including google ads, to get paid reach but let’s keep that story for another day. This blog post is already 563 words long.

Enjoy your time and feel free to contact me for any doubt.